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Playgroup Attendance Requirements

Want to join the pack? There are a few requirements before we can allow attendance.

1.) Updated Vaccinations 

All attendees must be current on their vaccinations: Bordetella, Distemper, & Rabies. We also ask for a negative fecal result. Records can be brought in or sent via email to

2.) Pre-Daycare Assessment

All dogs must undergo an assessment before admittance into the playgroup. This process takes 20-30 minutes and costs $20. During the assessment, we observe how your dog interacts with our current daycare attendees, and decide if he or she will make a good addition. Once your dog has passed the assessment, he or she is welcome to attend!

3.) Behavior

Our assessment is a precursor to help us decide if new dogs will benefit from attending daycare. However, we keep parents updated on the progress of your dog and make suggestions as needed to keep the playgroup as fun and relaxed as possible. Please keep in mind that daycare is not suitable for every dog! We ask that parents stay current with training and utilize other methods of enrichment when not attending daycare. It also helps to stay on a consistent attendance schedule.

We do not require that attendees be spayed/neutered, however, we keep a close eye and will let you know if this causes issues in group. All unaltered females must stay home during their heat cycle. 

We reserve the right to deny attendance to any dog we deem unfit for daycare setting.


Daycare & Spa

Daycare Hours


6:30am - 6:00pm

P: 262-263-1633

N63 W22603 Hwy F | Sussex, WI | 53089

Located on the east end of Main Street near Quad Graphics, and across from Subway.

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